Wednesday, 14 March 2007

What's in flower this month

While the plumber fixed the hot water system, I did the rounds of my yard. The short burst of rain a few days ago has encouraged weeds to grow but the other plants—the ones I brought into the garden—are giving them stiff competition. Few of my plants produce flowers at this time of year but a small number are putting on a show. Of course, I've left the camera cable at work so I can't download any images. I'll put up pictures tomorrow.

The green-flowered correa is doing its thing, much to the delight of the wattlebirds. A prostrate Brachysema is also sporting a scatter of tiny scarlet and yellow blooms. And, despite being savaged by snails, one of the trio of Haemanthus coccinea has started to push up a flower. Haemanthus, a South African amaryllid, bears a single blossom on a stalk patterned like snake skin. So far, only a semi-circle of red petals has emerged from the soil of the plant pot. I'm really looking forward to this one.

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