Monday, 16 April 2007

Did you know ?

Guadeloupe has the highest number of Jehovah's Witnesses per capita than any other country. (17.2025 per 1,000 people)

South Korea has more heliports than any other country

The US has the highest incidence of mortality resulting from a fall from a bed (450) but Hungary has the highest incidence per capita (14.3899 deaths per 1 million)

And while we're on the subject, in Egypt 8 people die from flatulence and related conditions each year. (It doesn't mention whether it's their own.)

Mexico exports $13,232.00-worth of radishes to the US each year.

Norwegians consume 10.7 kg of coffee a year.

Macau has the highest population density at 20,824.4 people per sqkm.

Brunei has the largest number of roller coasters per capita (80.567 per 10 million people)

Ecuador has the world's most expensive local phone calls.

And there's much, much more at Nationmaster.



Deadly flatulence in Egypt? It must be all that hummus they eat.

Marcus said...

i ate at a Turkish joint last weekend and haven't stopped farting since... yes, i had a bit plate of humus + pide

Snail said...

I have to check my diary before I eat chick peas. If there's a meeting scheduled over the next couple of days, they're off the menu.

Mike said...

Thought-provoking information like this is exactly why you deserve a Thinking Blogger award!

Snail said...

You bet!