Monday, 16 April 2007

Son House

So I'm stuck in the 70s and 80s but I like Delta blues too.

    [Son] House was born, the middle of seventeen brothers, in Riverton, two miles from Clarksdale, Mississippi. Around age seven or eight, he was brought by his mother to Tallulah, Louisiana after his parents separated. The young Son House was determined to become a Baptist preacher, and at age fifteen began his preaching career. Despite the church's firm stand against blues music and the sinful world which revolved around it, House became attracted to it and taught himself guitar in his mid-twenties ...

    After killing a man, allegedly in self-defense, he spent time on Parchman Farm in 1928 and 1929.

John the Revelator (Trad., arr. House)

Death Letter (House)


Tracey said...

Thanks. I enjoyed these. Will have to show my kids. When my daughter was in Grade 4 they had to do a presentation at school on two different kinds of music -- and for the other kids that meant Kylie and Brittney, but my daughter took in "Ol' Man River" as one of her two songs, and that really blew the teacher away.

Snail said...

I can imagine the teacher's surprise! That's a very interesting choice.

I've been wandering around today singing 'John the Revelator' much to the annoyance of ... well ... pretty much everyone, I'd say.