Friday, 11 May 2007

The Dawkins Code

Flacco has been reading The God Delusion. He found something startling within its pages. So he took the opportunity offered by ABC radio's Science Show to tell the world about his discovery. You can hear the audio of the show here. (Flacco aka Paul Livingston is on at about 51 minutes.) Here's the transcript.

    After rereading Richard Dawkins' book The God Delusion, it has become clear to me that the text harbours a hidden message from the creator himself. You see, I have uncovered the Dawkins' code. The evidence that this book is the word of God is overwhelming. One need only peruse the dust jacket to reveal within the bar code the numbers 999 which is the number of the beast lying on its back. Mere coincidence? I think not.

    Also one will find that a simple rearrangement of the letters of the author and title reveal this sentence; 'A rich hard dog is on the lead'. Can it get any clearer than this? The book itself is published by Bantam Press, 'bantam' being an anagram of Batman, who of course was played by Adam West, an anagram of 'Adam West' being 'a mad stew', and of course an anagram of 'anagram' is 'a rag man' which was the state of Adam West's career after the series ended in the 60s. Oh, uncanny, to say the least!

    For those who still doubt, try this at home. Grab your copy of
    The God Delusion and randomly hold any given page before a mirror and you will find the text is riddled with reverse writing. I rest my case. But by far the most telling evidence is this; by rearranging certain words which are ingeniously spread throughout the entire book, hidden within otherwise innocent sentences, I found this clear message from God, and I quote:

    'Hi there, it's God here, and after reading Richard's book I have found his argument so compelling that I have realised that the possibility of my existence is extraordinarily remote. In light of this revelation I hereby declare that I, God, have become an atheist, and as this will be my last message to humanity, I therefore lay the weight of responsibility for mankind's wellbeing on Mr Richard Dawkins himself. And while he may not quite be a god, he certainly does move in a mysterious way. Put it down to the lumbago. And so may you all rest in the security that all your dreams, hopes and beliefs are nothing more than the rumblings of a few strands of proteins assembled by no one for no higher purpose. Have a nice day. Amen.'

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