Thursday, 14 June 2007

Although it is colder than it really needs to be, there are enough plants in flower to feed the honeyeaters and the last few flying insects that are toughing it out. In my back garden, the kangaroo apple (Solanum laciniatum, fan flower (Scaevola aemula) and pincushion hakea (Hakea laurina) are slowing down but are still providing food for a range of animals.

In the front garden (which is about to be razed and remodelled), the gold dust wattle (Acacia acinacea) is on the brink of blooming. Unfortunately, it'll be chopped out before it can really get going.

Also in the front garden, and a hit with the white-plumed honeyeaters, is a green-flowering correa (right). It too will bite the dust too because it's just too vigorous for the spot it's in. Not only does this one have attractive flowers, the bark is also quite remarkable. I'll just have to find a free space in the back garden and plant another one.

Even though the remodelled garden will cater just as well for the animals (including the one typing this), I still feel like a villain*.

* If you find one, please send him to me c/o this blog. Thanks.

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