Thursday, 21 June 2007

Back to the 80s ...

... just.

Icehouse by Flowers, which then became Icehouse. (There'll be a test on this later.) The video was directed by Russell Mulcahy*.

* No, I don't understand it, either.


Tracey said...

Classic! Took me back to my time in London, a grey, foggy day walking up Bayswater Road, listening to Icehouse, and in particular "Street Cafe", "Hey, little girl" and "Great southern land" on my Walkman, and feeling the pangs of homesickness. Oh, I love that group! Thanks for the blast from the past.

The Green Hellbound said...

When "Flowers" released their song "Icehouse", they failed to realise there was already another band by the name of "Flowers", so they had to change it.

For some reason, they liked the name "Icehouse", and so it came to pass that they named themselves after their first hit song.

Snail said...

Tracey, have you heard Icehouse's 'Berlin Tapes'? It's another collaboration with the Sydney Dance Company. All cover songs (Bowie, Velvet Underground, XTC and others).

Dark Orange/Mr Green Hellbound, you're back!