Monday, 4 June 2007

I'm back ... and I'm on leave for two weeks*. Had breakfast at the Gravy Train this morning (scrambled eggs wrapped in a roti smothered with chilli jam) and have now moved on to the next thing on my list—trying to get some work done around the house.

The first thing is to get the front garden cleared of the luxuriant, drought-defying greenery that has been so vigorous that it has blocked the footpath outside my house. I've been meaning to do it for a while but last week the postie called the Council to complain. (Remember the old days when the postie would've just mentioned it to the householder? Or the even older days when the householder would have ensured that the triffids stayed behind the fence, so dangling vegetation wouldn't be a problem. Moving right along ...)

The Council issued a notice, so I'm taking the opportunity to clear the acacias, hakeas and other local plants and redo the front garden. No large shrubs and small trees this time. It's going to be everlastings and their ilk with some Lechenaultia thrown in (if I can get them to grow here).

Slightly less bother are the potted plants. I've just noticed that my dragon lilies (Dracunculus vulgaris) are making an appearance. If they produce flowers, I'll have to shift them to the back of the garden for a while. As is the case with many aroids, flies pollinate them. And the flowers smell of things that flies adore ...


* Unfortunately I had to go into work on Sunday. That wasn't too bad, except for the whole getting-up-at-7-am business. Who knew that Sunday had a 7 am? Not me.


jj said...

welcome back welcome back welcome back ... and hear ye ... 4yo here on helping me to make a small terrarium (model of garden) noticed a slug in it. Since we were talking about making it a representation of OUR garden, I thought it should stay.
She informed me that she thought I was the only one in the whole world who would say that.

I said I thought it was time she met a freidn called Helix.

Expect an email one day soon ... she will nothave it that someone could find them interesting ... yet!

Duncan said...

If you find it hard to grow them Snail, lechenaultias do exceedingly well in water pots, as do lots of the western plants, even the black kangaroo paw. Might have to chain them down though if they're in the front garden.

Sherrie York said...

Welcome back! I'd begun to worry that you'd been grounded by a migraine or a uni... oh, wait... they're the same thing.

Tracey said...

I love Lechenaultias (though I always spelt them with an "s"). We used to have a deep blue, a light blue and a crimson one, but yes they are very finicky. The longest we've been able to keep one alive is about 18 months.

Enjoy your leave!

Snail said...

I'll give them a go in a pot. Maybe in the back garden where they're safer. I'll just fill the front with strawflowers and Wahlenbergia.

I finally found someone who'll not only clean up the front yard (including the world's tallest Hebe --- 4 m and still growing) but also do it for a reasonable price.

Snail said...

jj, I look forward to the e-mail. I've got plenty of pics of the slugs in my garden and they're very much of the vibe. (As Denis Denuto said in The Castle)

Snail said...

Sherrie, there's a definite correlation! I can't prove there's a causal relationship but I'm willing to bet on it.