Wednesday, 6 June 2007

The Mouse Terroriser

The mice have moved in. I can't blame them. Winter is here. (And how. After a record-breakingly mild May, June is cold and damp.) They've obviously had enough of the great outdoors and have shifted back to the ducted heating and messy kitchen. They're grey blurs, little animated dust bunnies. But dust bunnies don't leave apple pips of poo in the cupboard under the sink ...

I haven't had much success with trapping mice. They can take the bait without releasing the spring. But I once managed to kill two of them within a week and in the same silly way.

The first was at work. A mouse had made its home behind one of my book cases. I was worried about my books. You know what mice are like—they're no respecters of the written word. So I asked the lab manager if he'd get a trap. No, he said, he favoured poison. If I wanted a trap I could buy it myself.

FF to next morning.

I'd been working at the computer for a couple of hours and decided I needed a cup of tea. I stood up and felt something soft under my foot. I stepped back, a bit confused. And the mouse lay, rather still, on the carpet.

Snail 1, Mouse 0.

FF to the morning after.

I was having breakfast in my kitchen. I got up from the table to put the crockery in the sink and I felt something soft under my foot ...

Snail 2, Mouse 0.

I don't go around with bare feet anymore.



You need a cat.

Duncan said...

For bait, try cotton wool impregnated with fat or peanut butter, tied on with cotton. The little pests get their teeth caught in the wool, and whammo!

Tracey said...

Eww! Though I threw a paver on one once and then jumped on it to make sure and the poor thing splatted out the side.

I'd recommend a cat, but that doesn't necessarily work either. We had a compost bin full of them one day, so my husband decided to drown them. He put the hose in (in the days before water restrictions, of course!), and they exploded out the top -- dozens of them, all around the cat, who sat and watched them run. Admittedly, she was rather old at the time.

Snail said...

Aydin, I like cats but I'm not getting one. I like the geckos in the garden even more. They wouldn't last long with a moggy around the place.

Tracey, I have a picture in my mind of a cascade of mice tumbling down the sides of the compost bin, like an overflowing water barrel. No wonder the cat was a bit dazed!

Duncan, that sounds fiendishly cunning. I'll try it. Any ideas for the rats in the roof? The neighbours are pretending there's a possum about but I know the sound of rats in the attic ... If I were back in N Qld, I'd send a python up there to sort them out. (The rats, not the neighbours.)

Duncan said...

Same bait for rats Snail. I don't recommend poison, I still have a vivid memory of removing a decomposing rat from the roof space in the middle of summer. :-(

Sherryl said...

You can buy "humane" mouse traps which then require you to ferry captured mice somewhere else. Like where?
I have two cats - one is quiet and lethal, the other catches a mouse and then spends the morning tossing it up in the air like a favourite juggling ball.
And in Euuwww department - when my husband catches a mouse (usually in the chook food) he throws it to the chooks, and you don't want to know what they do with it. Ripping it limb from limb is just for starters. Killed any idea I ever had of chooks being vegetarians!

Sherrie said...

Eewww. Eewww. Eewww.

I have no good solutions. Bad trap experiences. Bad poison experiences.

However, I once worked in an office where the mice periodically chewed their way into tubes of oil paints. I have to believe the ingestion of heavy metals eventually did them in, and it was rather more amusing to open the desk drawer and find cadmium yellow turds instead of black ones.

Snail said...

Sherryl, do you remember that scene in Jurassic Park where Sam Neill compares dinosaurs and turkeys ...

Sherrie, do you think this could be the start of a new modern art movement? Poo-intillism.

Perhaps not.