Saturday, 21 July 2007

A short drive in the Warrumbungles

I took the scenic route to Coonabarabran. Although much longer and slower than the Newell Highway, it winds through the spectacular landscape of the Warrumbungles.

Beloungery Split Rock, a dome formed about 16 million years ago when lava pushed through the Pillaga sandstone.

The view from Whitegum Lookout. The peaks are solidified magma, which have been exposed by erosion of the surrounding rock. Crater Bluff (far left) and Belougery Spire (left) are volcanic plugs. The Breadknife (centre) is thought to be a magma intrusion into a fault in the sandstone. (The outcrops on the right are Bluff Pyramid (top) and Balor Peak (below).)

Cypress pine (Callitris endlicheri), a native pine abundant in the Warrambungles and the nearby Pillaga Scrub.


Duncan said...

I'm starting to get itchy feet Snail, it's quite a while since we were up there enjoying the Piliga scrub.

boobook48 said...

Hi Snail
When my children were young we had a great holdiday at the Warrumbungles, and your photos brought back many memories. I'll have to start planning another trip north.

Snail said...

I'm going through too quickly! I need to spend more time at all these places.

Anonymous said...

Howdy Snail,

I should have come with you to be your tame botanist!!! Seening these wonderful pictures of the Warrambungles is making me want to jump in the car and drive there now! Hope your having a great time up north. If you see any seeds on nice plants could you bring them back?

All the best,


John Tongue said...

Hi Snail,
Interesting travelogue through country near where I grew up - Tamworth region in northern NSW. Have a great trip.

John Tongue,

Snail said...

I'm glad it's jogging memories. Stunning countryside.