Monday, 16 July 2007

This is a post of even less consequence than usual. I'm testing out the mobile 'phone link. (Apparently I can upload through my phone, which is what I'll be doing on the road. If it works.)

And here's a picture from last year's trip to Lake Eacham. I expect there'll be more pandanus next week.

(BACK TO BROADBAND: That was amazing! It worked. Bet it just cost me an arm and a leg, but it's nice to see the technology functioning as it should.)


jj said...

My goodness!


Sherrie said...

And here I was feeling techno-smug because last week I finally got my first cell phone. Road-blogging still WAY beyond me.

Snail said...

You can tell how techno-naive I am by the way I got so excited when it worked!

Of course, there's no guarantee of mobile coverage on the road. (I'll have to check the maps to see if there's access at Chillagoe. I know there's none at Lake Eacham.)