Thursday, 23 August 2007

For Chuckie and Lynsey

The Dargon Hill Monarchs have settled in and are glowing like miniaturised suns. The West Coast Gem has produced its first flower (right). The Callistemon White Anzac has buds on it. That part of our garden is looking quite refined now but by this time next year, it will be gloriously gaudy.

Now, what did we decide for the next part? Red and green? Orange and blue?


lynsey said...

Orange and blue! Orange and blue! (Tigger-like jumping up and down) {Thinks: Oh lord, I am such complete juvenile!}

The reason being it follows the yellows/golds into the oranges and then the reds.

And back across the greens, through the blues, and into the - what is that? Heliotrope? Is that five petals? And that five pointed star button thing in the middle? Very very cool.

Where did we get to with boulders and logs? Loving this garden already. More! More!

Anonymous said...

I can see the correa pulchella 'dwarf form gleaming like a brilliant orange setting sun set against the dark purple coolness of scaevola or dampiera. Maybe a brilliant pink dwarf form of crowea. One of the dward forms of Callistemon, maybe little john? This last may clash terribly with the correa but would only serve to heighten the feel of the whole front garden being a heathland or one of those beautiful granite outcrops bursting with a multitude of colour. That reminds me, Isotoma axillaris would look magnificent tucked next to the rocks, bursting forth with gaping mouths awaiting the visit of the bluebanded bees.

I am salivating already just thinking about it.



Snail said...

Thanks, gents. I wandered around the nursery this morning in my vague, lurgy-ridden state and picked up far too many plants. The ones I remember are Lechenaultia Midnight Blue (I'm going to give it a try) with Eutaxia microphylla, one of the dwarf Banksias with a Scaevola and a stunning salmon-pink Correa pulchella. I won't be able to plant them until I can dispose of all the weed mat (evil stuff!) and I don't want to do that while I've got this bad cold---too much exposure to mould spores.

Lynsey, Chuckie put me on to a source of free basalt, but I haven't had a chance to visit the site and get some. Might have to leave that until mid-semester break, when I've got a bit more time on my hands.