Monday, 24 September 2007

Give them an inch ...

My garden is a slug and snail sanctuary. It's not intentional. (No, really.) The greedy gastropods usually confine themselves to decaying vegetation, doing a great job of recycling, but sometimes they get carried away. Now the garden snails have gone too far. They're feeding on my Haemanthus. The bastards!

Supper for snails

Moments before it was launched into the compost heap

Young slugs I: Limax maximus

Young slugs II: Limacus flavus



Was that a Helix aspersa that was sent to the compost heap?

Snail said...

It certainly was. Described a nice arc as it went.

Duncan said...

Haemanthus, aka mother in law's tongue by my irreverent neighbour. ;-)
Grow wild on Kangaroo Island apparently, according to him, I've got some in a big pot.

Snail said...

I've got these in pots too. Don't think they'd be a pest problem in my garden but you never know. (And it means I can shift them away from snail-infested areas.) They do have rather splendid flowers.