Monday, 3 September 2007

Harlequin bugs

The last few days of winter were unseasonably warm. (26C, anyone?) And now it's spring — clear, mild and windy.

I took my camera into the garden to photograph hoverflies dancing in the morning sun. Because the autofocus isn't good with small, active objects, I had to wait until a fly settled on a flower. Unfortunately, every time that happened, my target would be dislodged by pairs of harlequin bugs trundling around in copulo. This flower was like Tiberius's palace.

Somewhere, a Dindymus Claudius was hiding behind the arras and documenting the goings on.


budak said...

think we call em cotton stainers here...

Snail said...

To use a cricketing phrase, I'm letting that one through to the keeper!