Thursday, 13 September 2007

I've bought a new computer. The one I'm using now is a bit old and slow and there's only room for one old and slow item in my study. I needed a machine with — and I hope I don't lose you with these technical terms — shit loads of memory to cope with big, hungry software. Anyway, I saw a good deal on a laptop with a separate 19" monitor and put in the order. So far, so good.

The shipping company called me on Monday to organise a delivery date. Thursdays are the only days on which I don't have classes, so I decided to take today off to wait at home for the courier. I had a meeting scheduled for the afternoon but I could send my apologies for that, so it wouldn't be a big problem. (And it wouldn't be any sort of problem if the courier dropped by in the morning.)

Still so far, so good. I stayed at home this morning, marking assignments and finishing off the post below. At 11.30 am, the courier company called to organise a time for delivery.

'Aren't you supposed to deliver it today?' I said.

'Sorry. Only just got the paperwork.'

'But I've taken the day off work. I won't be able to do that again until next Thursday.'

'Next Thursday it is, then.'

'But — '

Dead line.

I wasn't happy but there didn't seem to be an alternative solution. And it meant I could go to the meeting. So off I went.

When I emerged from the meeting at a little before 5pm, I received a call from the courier. He was waiting for me outside my house. Fortunately, I was only about half an hour away, so he didn't have to wait too long. But he only had one box to deliver.

I was confused. He was confused. We stood around scratching our heads — until we worked out that the computer and monitor were sent at two different times. Not terribly complicated but it floored us. I have the laptop. The monitor will arrive next Thursday. Maybe. Now I ask myself whether I will be capable of using the computer, considering its mere delivery stumped me.


budak said...

laptop with separate monitor? What kinda doohickey is that?

Snail said...

My bad.

It's a standard laptop with its own monitor but part of the deal included an additional monitor (ideal for those of us who like to sit a bit further from the screen.)

Duncan said...

That has a familiar ring to it Snail, ordered a new computer for a friend recently and only the box arrived. The courier left the monitor and accessories in his van and they finished up back at the supplier in Nunawading. Three days later after the weekend....

Snail said...

I think the moral of the tale is: order only one thing at a time!

Tracey said...

Ah, don't you just love delivery guys. We had to get a new fridge recently and they came and delivered it at 5 am. Yes, I'm not joking. At least we were home...

Duncan, only the box? That's a crack-up. Makes my complaints seem trivial, really.

Snail said...

5 am? I had heard that such a time existed but thought that it was a wild rumour. I hope it was a damned good fridge.