Monday, 17 September 2007

September in the garden

I retrieved the newspaper from the garden on Saturday morning to find that it had been delivered with such enthusiasm it had excavated one Dargon Hill Monarch and scythed off the flowering heads of another. My weekend started on a low note. (As you know, I am very fond of my plants.)

A Dargon Hill Monarch in happier days

Fortunately, my back garden is free of rolled-up newspapers. (Not so free of weeds but that's another story.) These first few weeks of spring have brought out a glorious range of flowers, among them Kennedia beckxiana, which has adopted a pincushion hakea as its climbing frame.

Kennedia beckxiana

Kennedia retrorsa

The modest flowers of Lasiopetalum

Kangaroo apple (Solanum laciniatum)

The business end of a kangaroo apple


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I'm looking forward to the day when I get a place with a garden big enough to fulfill my gardening ambitions!