Saturday, 3 November 2007

Cape Nelson I

Despite the rain, I ventured out to Cape Nelson State Park on Thursday. No downpour was going to get in the way of my exploration of the Great Outdoors.

I hadn't considered the fog.

So I turned around and headed back to Portland. On the way, I spotted a stand of grass trees, their flower spikes glowing like beacons. I was determined to get a picture of something ... One brave New Holland honeyeater had a similar idea — it wasn't carrying a camera, but it was determined to return to its nest with spoils of some kind.

It was so focussed on its task that it wasn't concerned with my focussing on it. Eventually, it gave up and fluttered off to a nearby tree. We were both soaked at this stage, so I squelched back to the car and it went on its way.

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