Thursday, 1 November 2007

No, this isn't funny

And I was wondering why the landscape was so lush on my drive down here. I saw the gannets but all my photos are blurred because of the rain. I saw a brolga but my camera batteries were flat after taking all the blurred photos of gannets. I did manage to spend much of the morning at the Points Arboretum in Coleraine, where it only rained a bit. But now it's settled in.



Kevin Z said...

You just can't win! Same thing happened to us while we on vacation to the beach this past summer. We only take maybe 1 short vacation a year and it was rainy for most of it.

Snail said...

Just one of those things, I guess. But I was sooooo looking forward to it.

Shorty CreeKI said...

It was so good to read of your trip, Snail ... I was in Mt G, sodden as well :)

POoints Arboretum is great isnt' it?

Snail said...

I love the Points Arboretum. I have a load of euc photos that I'll be uploading soon.