Saturday, 22 December 2007

Work has finished for the year. Well, I still have to mark a handful of supplementary exams. And write up a new course. But apart from that, it's finished.

I'm about to head off on the Christmas circuit so I'll be posting intermittently. I would have left earlier but the weather has been quite lively. Last year, it was bushfires. This year, it's rains of Noachian intensity. (Please adjust for hyperbole.) That's life in the temperate SE, I guess!


Duncan said...

Enjoy your break Snail, the compliments of the season to you, looking forward to more of your always interesting posts in the New Year.

Tracey said...

Have fun writing your course. I think those of us in PWE are all doing the same thing -- which of course need to be ready to roll in Feb. Still, it's nice to have a bit of time to actually think about things. I don't envy you your marking though...

Have a great break!

Anonymous said...

Dear Snail, May you find the refreshment that you love and need wherever you go.
All the best.

Snail said...

Gak! Is that the time? I'd better get the barramundi on the grill and open the next bottle of grog.

Merry Christmas!