Sunday, 27 January 2008

Nature Blog Network

Mike of 10,000 Birds has set up the Nature Blog Network the toplist for every species of nature blog. It's only been in operation a few days, but so far, 69 blogs have signed up, every one with nature on its mind. There's something for everyone.


budak said...

joined too!

I stopped by (too briefly) some nice clifftop habitats on the Great Ocean Road (near the Apostles). There were interesting pools with delicate water weeds and little creatures sheltered by the larger bushes close to sheer drops.


Looks like you & I are the only mollusk blogs.

Snail said...

I must go back down to the Great Ocean Road. I haven't spent serious time there for more than a year. It's not very far away from me.

Another thing I must do is increase the mollusc content of this blog! It's been lacking somewhat.