Tuesday, 29 January 2008

One of these is not like the other ones

Little black cormorants (Phalacrocorax sulcirostris) are equally at home in fresh and salt water. Sometimes groups of a hundred or more gather on the rocks at low tide in Hobsons Bay but this little party was lined up on a cable over the Maribyrnong River at Essendon.

They were keen on grooming. (This one had a length of monofilament around its foot. I only noticed it after I downloaded the photograph.)

A solo little pied cormorant (P. melanoleucos) was hanging out with them.

I keep promising myself that once I get some free time I'll return to painting and drawing. These monochrome birds are just there to be rendered in some beautiful, glossy, green-sheened ink.

(BTW, I've been trying to think of a collective noun for cormorants. The best I can do is a diary of shags.)


Lynsey said...

Um, according to http://nzbirds.com/more/nounsc.html
Cormorants, a flight of
Cormorants, a gulp of
Cormorants, a “lett fli” of
Cormorants, a paddling of
Cormorants, a rookery of
Cormorants, a swim of
Cormorants (flightless), a paddle of
Cormorants (flightless), a paddling of
Cormorants (flightless), a sunning of
Cormorants (Galapagos), a paddling of
Cormorants (Galapagos), a sunning of
Cormorants (red-faced), an embarrassment of

A diary of shags sounds good. Perhaps an omigod of shags. A confession of shags? A boast of shags? A rash of shags? A banging of shags? A promise of shags? A memory of shags? I think I like 'boast' the best ;)

So, where are the drawings/paintings then eh? Oh, and what's happening in the front garden? Enquiring minds want to know.

Snail said...

And if they were roosting, they'd be a bed of shags. Love 'em, Lynsey!

I haven't done much of anything lately, I'm afraid, after all the nonsense at work. Not drawing, not even gardening. (Mind you, the heat and lack of water doesn't help.) These nature walks have been my therapy.

But there might be a change coming soon, so I will buck up and enjoy life in more than the odd burst. (Hmmm ... how does that work as a collective noun for cormorants? The odd burst of shags? Maybe not.)