Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Random thoughts

Nouns teleport in and out of my memory but I never have any difficulty remembering 'aphasia'.

Who selects the words for the predictive text dictionaries in mobile phones? Mine has offered 'nonce' and 'Okinawa' among other oddities. And I daren't ever type in 'coal' again.


Anonymous said...

So, my grandy reckons your phone software must be coally retentive - 'cause hers throws coal first up.

I dropped by in case - the remotest chance, but finite, that you've missed this very useful writing software. Link got from a young writers meet by grandy. Snapping-young-brain seal of approval can't be ignored imho.


For your emu article - -
Carnegie's Spinifex and Sand leaves a person wondering how the WA emu population survived whitefella gold exploration - emu seems to have been on the freshmeat menu almost exclusively ;-)

TCFRA da*ky

Snail said...

Coally retentive ... that's not the worst of it! And yet I have to type in arse. There's no sense to this!

Will have a look at that software. Sounds interesting. Mind you, sometimes I just hanker for pen and paper!

I was reading Leichhardt's journal the other day. Now there was a man with a penchant for killing emus. Almost to the point of obsession.

Now I'm partial to the odd bit of emu prosciutto when it's offered but those fellas must have been scoffing down whole drumsticks.

Anonymous said...

Did you two hear Inga Clendinnen talking about her computers?

From Agamemnon's Kiss.

It won't be up for long.

"Inga has something of a love-hate relationship with her lap-top.

Author: Inga Clendinnen

Reader: Inga Clendinnen

Producer: Kate Bochner"


Snail said...

Thanks, jj. That's on tomorrow's list.