Monday, 25 February 2008

Chain reaction

BBC Radio 4 is running a new series of Chain Reaction. It's a chat show in which one week's interviewee becomes the next week's interviewer.

In the first show, Catherine 'Am I bovvered?' Tate talks with David 'The Doctor' Tennant about his career. There are some top moments, including excruciating dialogue from Tennant's stint as a serial killer on The Bill and a rant about astrology, which segues seamlessly into a rant about interactive news television. Of course. The audio is available now. I'm not sure whether it will be archived.

In the next episode, Tennant talks to Richard Wilson from One Foot in the Grave. Then Wilson interviews Arabella Weir, who finishes the series with a chat to Paul Whitehouse.

It's fun all the way down.

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