Monday, 25 February 2008

Semester started today. Lots of things happening at work — but nothing I can spill the beans about. (Ahem … nothing about which I can spill the beans.) Haven't been anywhere with my camera, either. Oh, there's always the garden but that isn't at its best. Despite the dry weather — or perhaps because of it — there's been nothing of note hanging around in the vegetation or under the plant pots. Lots of aphids but there's only so much entertainment to be had from watching a bunch of tiny bugs feeding on the weeds. Were they snails, that'd be a different story, of course.

Because of the precipitous changes at work, I've had to postpone my long service leave until late April. Had I been able to take it when I'd planned, I'd be in Far North Queensland now with my car and camera and computer. I have to wait another nine weeks before I can head north. The weather will be more benign then (a very active monsoon trough is doing its thing across the Top now), which will be good, but it's still another nine weeks …

Taps nails on desk.

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