Monday, 31 March 2008

Mouse 1, Snail 0

I've given up in my war against the mouse. I declared defeat yesterday evening when I went out into the kitchen and found the little bugger ambling along the bench top. On seeing me, it scurried behind the splashback on the stove. Unfortunately, it has done so well on food raided from my pantry that its fat arse got wedged in the gap. Its hind feed scrabbled — cartoon style — for purchase on the spotless surface. I was tempted to haul it out by its tail and toss it over the back fence. But it finally squeezed its plump posterior through the space. I heard it tumble down the back of the stove. It may have won the war of attrition but it sure lost a lot of dignity in the process.


Tracey said...

Ah, you and me both. I have mouse poo under my sink. Ick. And a cat. Wish she were more perturbed about all this. The last two she caught we were instrumental in lining up for her. (As in literally.)

Love the image of it having its fat arse stuck!

Snail said...

The cupboard under the sink is disgusting. I've bought myself some dust masks and heavy duty rubber gloves. What I really need is a flame thrower.