Thursday, 27 March 2008

The one that almost got away

A friend sent me this photo from a recent fishing trip.

He wrote:
We were on Lorna Shoal about 50km west of Darwin. It "was" the biggest Golden Snapper (Lutjanus johnii) we'd ever seen — probably would have tipped 10kg — was almost in the landing net when it was "modified" by a shark — one bite.

What was left of this Goldie (3.2 kg) weighed more than my Grass Emperor (Letherinus laticaudis) (2.2 kgs).

Ah, well, You win some ...

It reminds me of a zoology lab class where our second year students were dissecting sharks. We opened the gut of one individual (shark, not student) and found a large fish reassembled like a three-piece jigsaw puzzle.



Well, it is a fish-eat-fish world.

Snail said...


Anonymous said...

Ummmm, a "Shark-eat-fish" world - "Chondricthyes-eat-Teleost" - whatever - that's me on the right - updating my bad memory - head actually tipped scales at 3.6kgs.

Snail said...

Howdy. Do you know what sort of shark it was? (Apart from a happy one?)