Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Unwelcome visitors

I'm trying to convince myself it's a possum.

I arrived from work yesterday evening with a rotten headache. It had appeared on my drive in, developed on my drive back home to fetch my reading glasses, and blossomed in the afternoon's meeting with the project students. (Nothing to do with them. The meeting was good fun.) By the time I got home, my head was fastened in a G-clamp that not even a bucketload of analgesics could loosen. The bucketload of analgesics did help me sleep, though, so I spent the evening snoozing in front of the tv.

I woke hours later to the sound of scratching on — or possibly in — the kitchen roof. If the scratcher is in the roof space, it's a rat making a nest out of insulation. But if it's on the roof, it could be either a rat or a possum. I hope it's a possum.

Oh, who am I kidding? Possums don't scratch. They run up and down, tap dance and play tympani but they don't scratch.

Bugger. At least the rats aren't in the walls.


Shorty CreeKI said...


I know this feeling too ... scritchscratchscratch ... then little running feet ... in the corner over there.


But at tnight there's the kadumpitydumpitydumpity of the slightly bigger feet skedaddling across the roof and then the light percussion sounds of various leaves ... green ones and dried as it leaps for the tree then down and across ... well ... you get the picture.

I just wanted you to know you are not alone.

Snail said...

Possums don't weigh much so how can they be so heavy on their feet? I was staying at a friend's place down at Rye a while back and the resident possum was so loud I thought it was in the room with me!

Anonymous said...

For those who can't quite believe snail on the presence of possum activity inside a roof space - my Pa was already up and setting his terrier to chase out from his Auntie's roof void what Pa was sure were some new possum acrobats rumbling around in there, who'd woken him up, when the after-shock from the Gabalong (Moora 5.8 Magnitude) earthquake knocked him off the ladder.

God's honour.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, above comment is from tcfra ****y