Friday, 25 April 2008

The Solar System Drive

Last time I travelled along the Newell Highway, I promised myself I'd complete the Solar System Drive, which leads to the Anglo Australian Telescope at Siding Spring. There are several versions of the drive, starting at different locations, so no matter which approach you take to Coonabarabran, you'll soon encounter Uranus. (Can you have too many Uranus jokes? I think not.)

Because I was heading north, the drive began at Dubbo with Pluto. Yes, yes, Pluto's no longer classified as a planet — and that's acknowledged — but the model is still there, outside the visitors centre.

Neptune was outside the Cooee Heritage Centre at Gilgandra.

Uranus was near the toilet at the Tooraweenah Rest Stop.

I missed Saturn because it was (unexpectedly) on the other side of the road. So here's a duplicate Saturn at the Oxley and Newell Highways rest area

Jupiter on the road to the Warrumbungles.



Conversation between two kids in the café at the Observatory:
Younger brother looking at map of Solar System: "I want to go to Venus"
Smart-arsed older brother: "It's called Venice."


And the Sun is the Siding Spring Observatory. See the next post.



Oh, I can joke about Uranus any time of night.

Dave Coulter said...

Very cool. And Pluto will ALWAYS be a planet in my book!

Snail said...

I just had to find out how they were dealing with Pluto!