Friday, 11 April 2008

Taking a leaf (tail) out of their book

It's been a big year so far for the Australian Customs Service. (I wonder when we'll see it all on Border Security? Or is that the New Zealand series? I get confused with the different versions. They all look the same. Only the titles and accents change. But I digress.)

On Tuesday, it was people (allegedly) smuggling beetles out of Australia.
    Inside this 63-year-old man's bags investigators allegedly found a further 200 Tiger Beetles, up to 100 Water Beetles and approximately 50 other assorted beetles. The beetles were contained in glass vials concealed inside five empty yoghurt containers.

Before that, it was leaf-tailed geckos in the mail.
    After being alerted by Australia Post to a suspect express mail package bound for the Czech Republic on 14 March, Customs investigators responded and took possession of the package. Inside they found a hollowed-out book containing two adult and two baby southern leaf tail geckos.

Good on Customs for their work. But I have some questions. What type of yoghurt did the beetle-smugglers favour? And what was the title of the gecko book? These are important details.

Inquiring minds want to know.

Photos courtesy of Australian Customs Service



Hollowed-out book, eh? I gotta get myself one of those.

Dark Orange said...

Were these beetles sent preserved, or was that done by customs?

Snail said...

Aydin, think of the range of things you could keep in it! A whole library of concealed items.

DO, I dunno. I'd imagine that the beetles were being smuggled out alive but I'm not sure. It seems likely given that there are a couple of insect farms that would probably be able to supply dead specimens for overseas collectors.