Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Birding from the balcony

I don't have to move from my accommodation to see birds. Here's the list so far from the chair (in no particular order). The ones with E after their names are endemic to the Wet Tropics.
  • Golden whistler
  • Grey fantail
  • Grey-headed robin (E)
  • Brush turkey
  • Pale-yellow robin
  • Eastern whipbird
  • Brown gerygone
  • Spotted catbird
  • Spectacled monarch
  • Bower's shrike thrush (E)
  • Orange-footed scrub fowl (heard)
  • King parrot
  • Lewin's honeyeater
And here are some photos taken from the comfort of said chair on balcony.

Golden whistler

Grey-headed robin

Spotted catbird

1 comment:

Dave Coulter said...

Those are some lovely shots. I can barely get binoculars onto birds let alone a camera!