Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Birds of the Bush

Common (if sometimes shy) birds from the camp site at Undara.

Pale-headed rosella

Red-winged parrots

Rainbow lorikeet

Pied currawong

Squatter pigeon

Everyone's favourite — laughing kookaburra (in a pensive mood)


Dave Coulter said...

Nice shots there. I hate to ask, but is that last one a type of kingfisher? (I feel like I should know these favorites!)

Snail said...

Sorry, Dave, that was a bit Australo-centric of me! It's a laughing kookaburra, which is a type of kingfisher. I'll add the name to the caption.

Dave Coulter said...

Shucks, that's not's just a bird! ;)

(Thanks for the ID, though!)

Sherryl said...

Great photos, again! Got to love birds that are so colourful, and nice to see the kooka putting a bit of serious thought into the day.

Snail said...

The most obvious birds were the currawongs but for some reason I couldn't get a decent photo of one. They entertained themselves by dropping hakea pods on the corrugated iron roofs.