Sunday, 4 May 2008

Centenary Lakes

Centenary Lakes are just across the road from the Botanic Gardens. The park is another site that's good for bird in dry weather. In the rain, not so much.

The boardwalk passes through areas of palm forest and pandanus swamp (which looks like something from Middle Earth) before emerging at the lakes — one freshwater and covered with lilies, the other saltwater and fringed with grey mangroves.

A family of magpie geese (two adults, two juveniles) and a trio of wandering whistling-ducks preened on the bank for a while until the camera started to make them nervous. These geese were a lot muddier than their crisp and clean southern cousins I photographed at Serendip Sanctuary. It also dawned on me (because I'm a bit slow to grasp things at times) that I hadn't seen any young 'uns at Serendip. Maybe I'm not visiting at the right time or maybe they're breeding elsewhere.

When you approach a feeding flock of magpie geese, it can be difficult to get an idea of the numbers. There's a mass of black and white and a cacophony of trumpeting and bugling. It could be hundred, it could be thousands. (Down in the tens, it's a bit easier to tell.) Then one of them notices the intruder and they all stick their heads up like periscopes to check on what's happening. Then you start to get a better idea …


amegilla said...

What a stunning spot. Lucky you!

Snail said...

Lucky me indeed!