Thursday, 29 May 2008

Man disturbed by wee snake

A man is caught short on the road to Laura in Far North Queensland. He hops out of his car and has a pee* in the scrub. It doesn't go the way he expects.

Must ... resist ... puns

* Well, probably not a pee, if we're going to be absolutely accurate.

HT to Molecular JJ


lynsey said...

Kind of leaves us with more questions than answers...given the Aussie Press's gift for language I had expected a headline along the lines of 'Brown snake bites python'...

Duncan said...

He might have been sitting down to pee, the doctor may have told him not to lift heavy weights. ;-)

Anonymous said...

If he hadn't told the paramedics he was "crouching down" when bitten, he could have bragged about it to his mates (eg) "I was just standing there having a slash when..."


Snail said...

Well, I was working headlines with various permutations of the words 'brown', 'trouser' and 'snake'.