Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Spectacled monarch

Kingfisher Park near Julatten in Far North Queensland boasts a bird list as long as your arm. Being the world's second worst bird watcher, I only ticked off a thumb's worth but I was happy with that. The spectacled monarch (Monarcha trivirgatus), an active and attractive flycatcher, is one of the more frequently encountered species on the list.

Did I say it was active? I spent the best part of an hour trying to snap this fellow as he darted and danced through the foliage above my head. I got him in the end. Sort of.

The next day, one of the little charmers perched on the back of a chair as I had my breakfast on the patio. Who says birds don't have a sense of humour?


Dave Coulter said...

Nice shots! What sort of tree has those grayish leaves?

sarala said...

I'm very irritated that the birds don't sit still when I'm trying to photograph them.

Snail said...

Not sure, Dave. The grey's on the underside; the tops are quite glossy. When I get back I'll see if my botanist friend can give me an ID.

Darala, they're little rascals when they're like that. I've noticed that they often pose beautifully when I've put the camera away.

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