Sunday, 11 May 2008


Am at Undara. Unfortunately, I can only get an internet connection through my mobile phone if I hold the phone above my head, like a contemporary version of the Statue of Liberty.

I'll be able to post again once I get back to the coast on Thursday. Which, incidentally, is my birthday. I think. I'm now in the sort of state where the only two questions I ask are 'what day is it?' and 'have I gone out with toothpaste round my mouth?' Except I'm not so bothered about the day. Or, now I think of it, the toothpaste, either.


A friend just pointed out my birthday is on Wednesday. I knew it was sometime in May.


Dave Coulter said...


(Is it Wednesday there??)


Snail said...

It certainly is! Thank you!

Sherrie Y said...

Happy day after your birthday, which might be the day before. Or maybe it was last week, I don't know either.

Snail said...

Thanks, Sherrie. I've completely lost track of time. It was some time this week and I did something on the day.