Sunday, 1 June 2008

I'm back

Only a couple of weeks ago I was wandering around the tropical north, enjoying the scenery, eating sensibly and generally having a good time.

Now I'm back at work.

I am still getting over the shock. This explains my lack of attention to A Snail's Eye View over the past few days. I'm slowly returning to what passes for normal here. (Cue Entry of the Gladiators or Yakety Sax.)

Let me ruin my day completely by taking an abbreviated tour of the past few weeks.

Lake Eacham

Dinner Falls

The Crater

Somewhere between Mount Molloy and Cooktown

View from Kalkani volcano

Gloucester Island from the mainland


Dave Coulter said...

Getting back to work after a nice trip is always tough! :)

Snail said...

I know! But it's worse than usual this time. We're being restructured. That hasn't happened for about fifteen months so it was clearly overdue.