Thursday, 17 July 2008

Another day at the office ...

... for Dr Mark Norman at Museum Victoria.

He spent his lunchtime dissecting a giant squid, whereas I spent my lunchtime filling out forms.

You can see the dissection video at the MV web site. I didn't bother to make one about pen-pushing.


Denis Wilson said...

Thanks for posting this link.
I have been wanting to watch it. I am not on broadband, so I shall set the computer to download it overnight, and watch it tomorrow.
But really glad to know where to find the download.

Snail said...

My pleasure. I haven't watched the video yet because it looks like it will be a big 'un. The news coverage was interesting.

Anonymous said...

Mark Norman, whose contribution to online education is very much appreciated by us out here in the sticks, milked the ABC radio coverage for one of the best quotes of the year:

"There's things down there where their entire bodies are made of snot, they've got detachable heads, their teeth fall out, they explode and they eat their snot jackets."

And that's just the waiters, mrs d***y said.

Nice to catch up, see you next season, ay :-)

Sherryl said...

Sorry, but I want to see your YouTube video about a day of pen-pushing.
I think it could be both eloquent and insightful. Truly.

Snail said...

D, I used to work with Mark at the Museum and still see him from time to time when I'm over there --- he's always been a marvel with the descriptive one-liners!

I'm pretty sure he's the originator of 'calamari rings the size of truck tyres', a phrase that appears in the press whenever someone lands a big squid.

Snail said...

Sherryl, you know most of the soundtrack would be beeped out. I'd sound like a cross between Samuel L Jackson and Gordon Ramsay.

"Get these ***** forms off my **** desk!"