Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Treading Caerphilly around the ghost slugs

Strange things are happening in the gardens of South Wales. A new species of slug has turned up in Cardiff and Caerphilly. This wild, white wonder is a carnivore that was probably introduced from the Caucasus, the closest location of related species. How, why and when the slug arrived in Wales is anyone's guess, although it seems to have been a recent introduction — the earliest records are around 2006.

"The Ghost Slug belongs to an obscure and almost unpronounceable group of slugs - the Trigonochlamydidae," said Ben Rowson, a biologist at National Museum Cardiff.

So they named the new species Selenochlamys ysbryda, which is, by comparison, easily pronounceable.

Caspar, the baby ghost slug

The National Museum Wales has more information, photos, a video and a handy ID guide. (Photos above from their site.)

HT to Zooilogix


Mosura said...

I seen those on the beeb recently. Pretty amazing finding a new slug in Wales (even if introduced). The commentator said gardeners needn't worry because they only eat worms. Obviously he is not a gardener :-)

Snail said...

Pretty amazing finding a new slug in Wales

And such a speccie one too! I must read up more on the Trigonowhatsits.

Ryan said...

That just looks so nasty!

Snail said...

Attack of the killer slugs!

Robert Nordsieck said...

@Ryan: A blind white slug hunting for earthworms underground: That IS nasty: The nightmare slug :)