Saturday, 9 August 2008

Do. Not. Want.

I'm in my office at home. My hands are cold, so I'm wearing fingerless gloves. My ears are cold, so I'm wearing a beanie. It's all a bit Dickensian. And now the Bureau of Meteorology tells me this:
Severe cold outbreak conditions will extend into western Victoria tonight and across remaining southern and mountain districts on Sunday.

Hazards include snowfalls down to 400 metres affecting roads that rarely experience snow. Black ice across roads. Dangerously cold conditions for both livestock and people in the bush or outdoors. Squally winds in the west of the State with gusts around 85 km/h.

Yes, I know it's winter but really ... snow down to 400m?

Takes GPS into back garden. Complains about time taken to acquire satellites. Reads screen: 41.2 m a.s.l.

Okay, so climate change might be a problem. Snow, not so much.

Carry on.


Mosura said...

Reckon you'd be safe at 41m but 41.2 is another story. Maybe if you sit down.

We had snow down to below 200m a couple of weeks back.

Sherryl said...

I can relate! Trying to type with frozen fingers that have actually gone numb is pretty impossible.
Wish we'd been at Lancefield to see if there was any snow. Wait! What am I saying? No, I don't. I was glad to be huddling in front of the heater, thanks.

Dave Coulter said...

Hmm. I didn't think it ever snowed there!

Snail said...

Reckon you'd be safe at 41m but 41.2 is another story. Maybe if you sit down

I'm slightly embarrassed to admit that I was holding the GPS when I took the reading. That was something I didn't think through!

Dave, snow is a bit unusual so close to Melbourne but it happens every now and then. I could do without it!

Sherryl, do you know if it snowed at Lancefield? Seems to have been quite widespread.

Dark Orange said...

Welcome to Batchelor, Northern Territory. 35 degrees during the day, need a blanket at night. (If you have the aircon on, otherwise a sheet is too much)


Anonymous said...
And a new link for you to enjoy from another scientist turned writer ... :)

Snail said...

Thanks, jj. I heard the show on Radio National. A lovely way to spend the weekend.

DO, enjoy your time in the NT!