Monday, 29 September 2008

Demolition update

The demolition people have been and gone. They took part of my fence with them. Not that it was a big part — certainly not worth the effort of making a case with their company — but I hope the buggers got splinters from it.

Anyway, the soil engineer and surveyor have done their stuff on the site. The owners have yet to lodge a building application with the council, so nothing will be happening for the next few weeks. And to tell the truth, I'm quite enjoying the view. Well, when I say view, I mean the bit of sky and the flats at the end of the street. But the now-vacant land is on the north side, so I'm getting a faceful of that lovely spring sun. Silver lining and all that.

For a while, anyway.

I'm planning to shift from this place early next year. I've been very happy in my little house for the best part of a decade but it's time to move on. For a brief (deluded) moment, I considered fixing it up but I think I'll have to sell it as a renovator's delight. Must talk to a real estate agent. Must tidy it up first so the real estate agent can get through the door. Must find time to tidy it up so … Oh, sod it, I might just stay for another year.


Mosura said...

"might just stay for another year"

....or so.

Snail said...

Once I leave work I won't be able to afford the mortgage so I think I'm going to be in a tent.

Maybe on the vacant block next door.

Sherryl said...

The real question is: stay in Melbourne or go adventuring?
There's something about having a house though, isn't there? Even if you can't get in the door...

Snail said...

Having a house is good but I think I'd like to have one somewhere else for a while.

Although at this rate, that somewhere else is likely to be a caravan park. And not in a good way.