Friday, 19 September 2008

Kites flying

Only recently have black or fork-tailed kites (Milvus migrans) become common around Melbourne. They're more familiar in Australia as birds of warmer climes. In the tropics, black kites are as numerous as pigeons. Okay, maybe not pigeons. But there's a fair few of them. And because they are sociable birds, where you see one, you'll probably see a few more.

I spotted these birds today at Serendip Sanctuary, where they were quartering the ibis colony. The ibis weren't happy. But then a whistling kite landed in a tree right in the middle of the colony and the ibis started to re-evaluate things.


Mosura said...

Haven't seen a Black Kite in ages although I've seen plenty of Red Kites in Scotland.

Given Black Kites appear as vagrants in Britain, Norway, and even Iceland I've often wondered why they don't turn up in Tassie.

Snail said...

They might well turn up over the next few years. They'd dine like kings on the road kill!