Monday, 3 November 2008

Not much happening here.

Exams are about to start. I'm marking undergraduate essays and honours theses. My diary is filled with meetings and mandatory training sessions for …. stuff*. Stuff that will all be irrelevant soon because we're pretty sure our course is going to be cut. Again. And if it is, we'll be declared 'excess to requirements'. We expect our letters some time before Christmas.

At home, I'm still working on the book manuscript. More about that when it's finished, which should be soon. That's scheduled for publication in mid-2009. I'm also putting together the plates for a major taxonomic monograph. (Someone else's. I've just about given up on my own research for the moment. I'll probably have plenty of time to pursue my snaily interests soon but no resources. Oh well, you win some. You lose all of the others.)

So, it's still shoulder to the wheel etc etc. You know the story.

I'm going stir crazy. I need another road trip.


* Yes, I've been paying attention. They send me emails. I put the information onto my calendar. Then I forget about it. Works for me.

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