Wednesday, 14 January 2009

What's worse than lorikeet poo?

On Monday, I made a comment about the effect of rainbow lorikeet poo on car paintwork. My dear friend W, who lives in Darwin, responded. Just in case you missed his comment, here it is:
I love parrots but we here up north fear the oily, green, caustic excrement of the Torresian Imperial Pigeon (Ducula bicolor) moreso than the innocuous watery goop coming out of a red-collared's cloaca. It reminds me of "Alien" blood (sense Ridley Scott). You don't want it on your bare skin.

Around Darwin these pigeons, large enough to eject 200-300mls of the stuff in one "hit", eat mostly Carpentaria Palm nuts (these palms grow in abundance in the suburbs) and the mess it makes takes a high pressure hose to remove if left to dry. I've seen two birds roosting in a tree for a single night completely cover the top of a large wheely bin and gum it up so that you had to crack the stuff off with a screw driver to open the lid. It's death to any paintwork if left for more than 24 hours. I've even seen it harden in the sun and peel off a car's paintwork as it curls up at the edges.

I still love seeing the birds around (though I park under cover). W
And you all thought that the snakes, spiders and box jellyfish were bad in Australia. Even our pigeons cause havoc!

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