Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Frantic here with so many things to organise over the next few weeks. I've outlined a mob of posts but have got no further with them. One of the advantages to being in charge of my day is that I can set aside time to muse and ponder.

Here are some things I've been musing and pondering on.

  • The sender names in the spam filter are so entertaining that I'm thinking of using them for story characters. Here's the list from this month (right). Darwin Searl, Margarette Satomba, Buford Crump. Creative gold, every one of 'em.

  • Spam subject lines as potential haikus. This takes a bit more work. So far, the best has been:
  • Empower your sweet night experience
    Heave your darling bed adventures
    [Performs Jedi mind trick]. Don't count the syllables.

  • Collecting one liners, some of which are more than one line, from Chris Addison's Twitter Feed.
  • Finally found an online gun and banjo shop that does free deliverance.

    It was me all along - I've got the bees. And if you want them back, you're going to have to do exactly as I say ...

And so on. Perhaps I shouldn't be left to organise my own day.



"The sender names in the spam filter are so entertaining that I'm thinking of using them for story characters."

It's been done. Well, not as story characters, but as cartoon characters by the cartoonist Roz Chast. I'll scan it & send it to you tonight (I think I still have your e-mail address).

Sherrie Y said...

Once upon a time when I worked in a print shop, we kept on the wall a list of the interesting names we encountered when preparing newsletters for everything from the National Potato Council to assorted country clubs.

A favorite announcement was the arrival of Chauncey and Fern Frisbee at a certain tawny club. The names conjure a particular image for me, but a short time later the Frisbees became quite active in club doings, and Chauncy became well known as SPIKE.