Thursday, 2 April 2009

House hunting

I've been poring over the real estate listings for the Atherton Tablelands and ringing agents with my requirements:

  • Enough room for my library
  • Large garden
  • Copious wildlife
  • Good internet connection

Okay, that last one was greeted with hearty chortles when I mentioned it. But there's always satellite broadband. If it's not raining. Which it usually is. Oh, sod it. Semaphore, anyone?

Anyhoo, I thought it might be useful to give an idea of where I'll be heading in June. (Which is only … weeks … away now.) The next Snail Shell will be in the central/southern Atherton Tablelands. (I've used Malanda as a marker on this Google Earth image, although that might not be exactly where I settle.)

Why move to the Tablelands?

They're in the middle of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, which is pretty much a zoological El Dorado. They're also at a high elevation, so are cooler than the coastal lowlands. Don't underestimate the importance of climate. In winter (the drier season), you have to wear long sleeves at night. You might also have to stoke up the combustion heater. Sounds good, doesn't it?

And just look what's within a 150km radius ...


Kevin said...

Blogging with flags? I want to see that. I use satellite and rarely have problems due to precipitation . . . I have had 5 cm of snow built up on the dish and it will still work. Have been pleasantly surprised in that respect. Really heavy rain will tend to knock it out for a short time and ice can definitely be problem, but I suspect you would have not to worry about that much . .

Snail said...

You're right about the ice but heavy rain is a definitely a problem. I might get lucky and find somewhere in the line of sight of the telecommunications tower on Mt Bellenden Ker, so I can use wireless broadband.

Or the Clacks.

Sherrie Y said...

Wow. Wow. Wow. It looks like fantastic country. The sort of place where you discover myriad friends and relatives you didn't know you had, who suddenly want to come see you.

Snail said...

'Tis a glorious part of the world. You'll have to come and see your prints in situ.


Are there plenty of snails around?

Snail said...

Aydin, there are a lot of snails, some of them quite sizeable. But the problem with snails in the wetter parts of Australia is that they can be surprisingly difficult to find.

If I get a patch of freehold rainforest, I might try looking for the carnivorous soil-dwelling rathouisiid slugs. From previous experience, I know they can be quite abundant. (Just hard work to find.)

Tracey said...

I spent six weeks in Brisbane a few years ago -- their hottest summer on record and we had no airconditioning. I will *never* underestimate the power of climate. Cooler is definitely a plus unless you just want to get there and blob rather than blog, which I know you don't.

Hope you find something that has all the things you need!

Snail said...

tRacey, I am a bit concerned that I'm idealising the climate. It will be hot and wet in summer, and mild and probably wet in winter. But ... well ... it's something I've got to do.

But I know that it won't ever reach 47C. That's a big tick in my book!