Sunday, 12 April 2009


I've been introduced to 2009 by my friend D. I'm now on Twitter. Signing up was a lot less painless than I'd thought.

My students would be proud of me. I hope I remember to tweet.


Anonymous said...

What a champion adopter!
Thanks so much for microblogging.
The Web interface is, like all social networking sites, vulnerable to javascript baddies, spam etc etc.

Best protection is to not have javascript turned on - or to only turn it on when you want a function it delivers.
The most flexible way to do this in Firefox is to have the extension NoScript installed.

Should you like to plug in to a crowd that would benefit from your brain, go to
It's mainly a tech help crowd but with plenty of outlying interests.


Snail said...

Got the add-on. Thanks for that, D.