Thursday, 28 May 2009

At a bookshop and on a radio near you ...

It's on the shelves!

I'm doing some radio over the next week, which will be fun. Here's the schedule. (I hope I haven't miscalculated the time differences.)

29 May, 12:40 pm: 5RPH Adelaide
31 May, 11.45 am: 2UE Sydney
2 June, 10 pm: 5RPH Adelaide
3 June, 2.40 pm: ABC Darwin
4 June, 8.00 am: ABC Perth
4 June, 11:30 am: ABC Radio National, Bush Telegraph
4 June, 1.40 pm: ABC Brisbane
4 June, 2.30 pm: ABC Northern Tasmania



Congratulations! I hope there will be a free for all pdf version coming out soon.

Sherrie Y said...

Hooray, hooray, hooray! How exciting! The book looks beautiful (always an important consideration, say I)... I have an inkling that the writing is brilliant... just one thing remains. How do we get 'em on this side of the pond? (Yeah, yeah, I know... not "our" critters. Don't care.)

Seabrooke said...

Congratulations! How exciting! Is this your first book? Do you know if there's an internet feed for those radio stations that non-Australians can listen in on?

John said...


NanaJude said... for Bush Telegraph` at least

I am thrilled to bits for you Snail

Other ABC web site transmissions might be found from here.

All the best!

NanaJude said...

... and the idea of a book's spine bearing "SPINELESS" makes me smile.

NanaJude said...

Today's broadcast, I think.

Bronwen Scott, FCD said...

Thanks for the congrats, everyone.

Aydin, as for your second sentence --- you're a cheeky devil! :)

Sherrie, not sure what's happening with overseas distributors. Will check.

Seabrooke, yes, it's my first book. NanaJude has listed the URLs for ABC below. Here they are in clickable form. ABC's Bush Telegraph has podcasts and you can listen live to ABC local radio. Not sure if the live streaming is available out of Australia.

NanaJude, not only is Spineless on the spine a nice paradox but I'm also quite amused by having it written next to my name as an adjective!

neomyrtus said...

Hey Helix

well done .. and how excitement!

"Not sure if the live streaming is available out of Australia. "

I do think this is possible, but the audio is almost immediately available online - so you won't miss any radio action.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, wonderful news.

The book has now been born and is now out in the big wild, wide world.

I hope everything goes well, I'm sure it will all go to plan, and will be very exciting.


Bronwen Scott, FCD said...

Thanks, Neomyrtus and Brindabellas!

I just did the 5RPH interview, which will be broadcast on Tuesday evening. Was nervous. Hope I won't confuse people or send them off to sleep or both.

Anonymous said...

Taking your reply to Aydin's comment at face value, I'm guessing that you've signed all rights away to the current publisher then. *L*

May it go into a second printing, and may you be plagued with a never-ending series of editions ;-)

Friend of Charles Darwin. or what?

Mike said...

Congrats! This is an exciting moment, isn't it?

Bronwen Scott, FCD said...

D, not sure what the initial print run is, but we're all hoping it'll go into at least a second run! You're right about FCD. I hadn't thought about pronunication ...

Thanks, Mike. Because of the impending move, I'm still a bit more anxious than excited! I think the balance will tip over the next few days.

Also, once all the house business is sorted, I can get back to regular blogging.

Denis Wilson said...

Well done Bronwen.
I hope to catch your Bush Telegraph broadcast.

Bronwen Scott, FCD said...

Thanks, Denis! I'm looking forward to Bush Telegraph.

Duncan said...

Looking forward to hearing you Snail/Bronwen, after reading all your printed words. My congratulations on the book, hope it sells a heap.

Trevor said...

Fantastic! Let me add my belated congrats.

Bronwen Scott, FCD said...

Duncan and Trevor --- thank you.

Am now getting nervous again. Will sort out the laundry as a form of meditation.

Anonymous said...

Today I purchased the book.

Very impressed.

Will have to meet you in person one day and get it autographed :-)


Bronwen Scott, FCD said...

I'm really honoured, Brindabellas :)

I hope it's useful. Remember that it doubles as a nice cockroach swat (with a wipeable cover an' all). Just the right size and weight, I reckon.

NanaJude said...

bush telegraph ... not sure if Helix has been interviewed yet ...

NanaJude said...

You interviewed VERY well, I thought.

Mandi said...

Congratulations! Great interview Bronwen!!


Bronwen Scott, FCD said...

Thanks, jj and Mandi. I really enjoyed it. Michael Mackenzie is terrific!

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Bronwen
I finally managed to find the time to listen to the interview.
Very entertaining, and you did not sound the slightest bit nervous.
Very well done.
Now I ought check out the bookshop in Bowral when next I make a trip into town.

Bronwen Scott, FCD said...

Chatting to someone in the same room makes it a bit easier. So cool getting calls from around the country too.