Thursday, 21 May 2009

Steak out

My attempts to have a cup of coffee at my favourite cafe were thwarted by a TV crew, so I had a cuppa in my second favourite, which is located (conveniently) across the road.

I took photos, every one of which failed to include the actors.

The scene they were filming involved two cops leaving a fast food joint, where they'd bought lunch, and walking back to their car. They were wearing body armour. Not sure why. Possibly because they were concerned that the person behind the counter might have run them through with a kebab skewer.


Denis Wilson said...

Goodness, you will miss that excitement (up in hte bush).

Snail said...

I'll just have to create it!

I am concerned about finding a new favourite cafe though! One holiday weekend a friend (who's a local) and I drove for miles trying to find somewhere other than the Lake Barrine tea house that was open. (The tea house was packed.)