Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Coonabarabran's Big Thing ...

... is a 33,800 year old Diprotodon optatum skeleton. Excavated from the banks of Cox's Creek between Tambar Springs and Mullaley, it's now on show in the Coonabarabran Visitors Centre.

The well-constructed display also covers the natural history of the megafauna from the Bingara fossil site near Moree.

An incisor from the original drop bear, the marsupial lion Thylacoleo. (With my mitt for size.)

A lower jaw of the giant short-faced kangaroo Procoptodon.

Tooth from the giant wombat Ramsayia curvirostris


NanaJude said...

I'm enjoying your trip

Bronwen Scott, FCD said...

So am I! Just wish I had more time to do stuff.