Thursday, 11 June 2009

Isla Gorge

After a brief stop at Chain Lagoon, I drove on to Isla Gorge, where I had breakfast and offered a stern word to the trio of pied currawongs that kept landing on my car. They may have been trying to warm themselves up, because it was beak-chillingly cold, but I suspect they were really aiming to dismantle the windscreen wipers. They had that look about them.

Isla Gorge is on the eastern end of the Central Queensland Sandstone Belt. Just off the Leichhardt Highway, it's the most accessible of the national parks in this region. And it is a great spot for a break. But, if you visit at this time of year, don't forget to bring gloves and a beanie.

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My breakfast table


sarala said...

There are ravens in Washington state that have been known to steal windshield wiper blades. It is a funny behavior.

Snail said...

They must have learnt it from NZ keas, which are notorious for it! Not sure our currawongs really go in for vandalism, but this lot looked as if they might.

Dave Coulter said...

Those currawongs DO have that look about them!

Snail said...

They're magnificent birds but that hook at the tip of the beak isn't just for dismembering their lunch ... I'm sure that it'd be excellent for peeling away sealing strips and picking car locks.