Monday, 8 June 2009

Road Trip, Day 3: Narrandera to Coonabarabran (NSW)

Didn't do much today except sit in the car and count caravans and horse floats. I tried to compose an ode to a caravaner who was driving in the centre of the road at 35km/hr under the speed limit but it didn't turn out the way I had hoped. I started the poem by channeling Keats, but finished it off as Samuel L Jackson.

I also remembered — about 250 km out of Narrandera — that I'd been planning to take a photo of the World's Largest Playable Guitar at the Visitors Centre. How could I have forgotten something as important as that? I'm appalled at myself. It will be years before I'm in Narrandera again. I will have to live off the thrill of Tocumwal's Giant Murray Cod until I get to … well … I'm not sure where. The Giant Gumboot at Tully, perhaps?

A few species added to the bird list today: red-rumped parrots, noisy miners, blue-faced honeyeaters and black-shouldered kites. More wedge-tailed eagles and emus. Also, large numbers of white-winged choughs and scatterings of apostlebirds. (I know they're up to something. And it ain't spreading the gospel.)

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